Finding Balance Through The 5 Elements

the 5 elements

Everything in our experience consists of the 5 elements and the transformation of the 5 elements can help facilitate life balance, healing and greater potential. The elements are earth, water, fire, air and space. The elements exist outside of us, but also are inside of us and have an influence on our habits and fixations, the way we behave, feel, and how we generally perceive the world.

There is an energetic dimension to each element, that can be explored from the perspective of balance and health. When an element is out of balance it can be explored in terms of lack of a certain element, or perhaps through excess of some of the elements.

When there is balance here is how it is experienced

  • The earth element is about stability, being grounded and rootedness.
  • The water element is about flow, change and flexibility.
  • The fire element is about energy, vitality and expansion.
  • The air element is about inspiration, freshness and movement.
  • The space element is open, vast and unlimited. It is encompassing the other elements and is about potential.

Contemplating and reflecting each element in daily experience lets you open to your intrinsic OKness, and find those areas where you hold on and avoid paying attention to your patterns. This is a way to simply transform your life and learn about all facets of yourself.

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