5 Elements Wheel: Earth, Water, Fire, Air And Space

"In the universal womb that is boundless space, All forms of matter and energy occur, As flux of the four elements..."  - Longchenpa

The 5 elements wheel is a way of learning about the 5 elements and how to increase balance of the elements in your daily life. The 5 elements are earth, water, fire, air and space.

It is a free tool developed by Nicole Koch based on the life balance wheel and the energies of the 5 elements as a transformative doorway into a balanced life. 

Looking at a map that has four distinctions organized around a center point facilitates processes that are holistic, systemic and visual, allowing for deeper knowledge to arise from the exploration.

The exploration of this wheel is helping you discover an introductory framework on the elements.

It is also a way to conceptualize an energetic potential within yourself and to get started by asking questions to help clarify your life situation.


Here is an overview of the 5 elements:


The Earth Element: The earth element is about stability, groundedness and being rooted. When it is balanced we are connected to our resources and feel abundance and interconnectedness.


The Water Element: The water element is about flow, flexibility and feeling at ease. When it is balanced there is a sense of allowing, we feel calm, without judgment and experience clarity.


The Fire Element:  The fire element is about passion, vitality and expansion. When it is balanced there is a feeling of vibrancy, aliveness and engagement, relating to others with appreciation.


The Air Element:  The air element is about inspiration, change and movement. When it is balanced there is an experience of freshness and dynamism, we can let go and we accomplish things effortlessly.

space element.jpg

The Space Element: The space element is open, all-including, all-encompassing and all other elements arise from it. It is vast and accommodating, allows spaciousness and not knowing and relates to infinite potential.

5 Elements Wheel.jpg

You can download the free template here and the colour templates here.

Steps to the Process:

  1. Take a moment to look at the wheel.
  2. Choose a specific context for this exploration or you may explore your whole life. You can explore certain life areas: work, relationships, family, health, education.
  3. Looking at the 5 elements wheel explore each segment and ask On a scale of 1-10, 1 being lowest and 10 being highest, what is your experience of balance for this element in your life (certain life area)?
  4. Continue exploring each element completing the wheel.
  5. When you are complete scaling, ask yourself How can I bring greater balance into the element? What needs to happen or what do I need to do to move it further up the scale?
  6. Repeat this with the elements lowest on the scale.
  7. Write down specific action steps and commit to them.

Note: If you wish to use this for your own purpose, please acknowledge Mandala Mind and reference back to this page. Thanks for sharing below.