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Hi, my name is Nicole Koch. I design and facilitate courses, offer one-on-one sessions and write about transformation.

My Qualifications

  • Registered Professional Clinical Counsellor
  • Diploma in Solution Focused Counselling
  • Diploma in Solution Focused Coaching
  • Bachelor's degree in Counselling Psychology
  • Master's degree in Coaching Psychology

I am currently helping people to have more balance, clarity and space in their life. Since 2008 I have been a solo entrepreneur offering webinars, continuing education workshops, and sessions. My approach is informed through my meditation practice, study of the Diamond Approach and Buddhist Psychology. I created Mandala Mind in 2013 to write my thoughts on mindfulness, transformation and healing.

Previously I was an instructor at Erickson College for the 1-Year Coaching Diploma Program in Vancouver, BC. facilitating NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Coaching. I am a licensed Core Transformation Trainer, a process developed by Connirae Andreas. I also was an external Coach for the University of British Columbia.

I am originally from Germany, and now based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Some Information on the Mandala

Guest Posts

What is a Mandala?

A mandala is a sphere with a midpoint, and displays a field of elements, which are interconnected and express different facets of human life and the mind.

The word mandala comes from the Sanskrit language and it signifies 'circle' or sometimes 'center'.

The mandala is sometimes considered a sacred map pointing us back to the center and wholeness and represents an alchemy of certain interconnected and related energetic patterns and potential doors into wisdom.

A mandala is a reminder of unity, wholeness, and the journey back to the center. When we are the center of who we are, the periphery of the mandala changes and effects the experiential field in each moment.

The mandala is the representation of the formless essence, and the infinite unending display of potential and possibility of phenomena manifesting in each moment.

It can be helpful to see the whole universe as a mandala, and it is a helpful tool in recognizing that our moment-to-moment experience is the display of the mandala through feelings, sensations, emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and actions.


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