Freedom. Clarity. Space. Nicole is offering one-on-one sessions and is available via Skype or in person, in Vancouver, BC.

Sessions I offer are integrative and holistic. I help people develop mindful awareness and self-compassion and learn to stay present with their experience.

My approach includes mindfulness, nlp techniques, and trusting the unfolding of the moment. I also know that each person has wisdom and resources within themselves, and provide a space to let go and reconnect to your inner depth.

I help people discover that who they are is more than their limited fixed sense of self, and that it is possible to transform and change.

Sessions are available as single sessions or as monthly packages. You can sign up below for a Free Discovery Session to get started...


I have been working with Nicole for the past 8 month and the differences are just amazing! I have clarity around my goals and am now well on my way in my new career. I feel more confident and sure of myself and have developed tools to ensure I stay on this path. Being coached by Nicole I can rest assured that we will get to the core of the matter due to her keen intuition and listening to both what I do say and what I don’t say. She asks the thought-provoking questions that plant the seeds of change and allow me to explore my world in a compassionate and curious way. I would recommend anyone to be coached by Nicole and experience the wonderful changes and transformations that this professional relationship delivers.
— Sheila Walmsley
I started with Nicole as a coaching client and experienced such a positive shift in self that I had to learn more about the coaching process. I just completed a four month course with her and am now well on my way to building my own practice. Nicole is a passionate and inspirational coach and teacher. I look forward to the continued adventure as her student and one day as her colleague.
— Kris Palesch
Coaching for me is all about the journey not the destination and finding a coach that will provide the space for me to explore those deeper recesses without always knowing where I want to end up was a challenge – a lot of coaches want their clients to have an outcome. Nicole however is a master at allowing the moment to unfold and at deeply respecting my need to explore. Her intuitive ability to ask a perfect question and to connect the dots for me have had amazing consequences in my life.
— Sandi de Domenico
What is most striking about Nicole’s coaching is her absolute commitment to the methodology of human development – this pushes me to stay committed to my own progress. Once the way is clear, Nicole’s coaching provides gentle but effective accountability to keep me on the path that I have chosen. I am so impressed by Nicole’s integrity and I am constantly awed by her sincere approach to working with me to achieve my optimum life
— Theresia Lee
Nicole is a brilliant Coach and has supported me in my journey towards gaining my credentials through a long process. I would recommend her for any coaching, education, or hypnosis process at all. A wonderful Coach and Consultant in many areas she is an expert in her field.
— Deb Kinvig
For a number of years Nicole has been my trainer, personal life coach, and an inspiration. As a trainer, she has helped me understand the intricacies of NLP, life coaching, and Ericksonian hypnosis. As my personal life coach, Nicole has given me lots of space to discover more about myself and what motivates me. She has helped me tremendously get through tough times in my life. As an inspiration, Nicole is full of integrity and authenticity. By her example, she has shown me how to live an awakened and authentic life, moving me ever closer to being more fulfilled, balanced and alive in my work and in my relationships. I highly recommend Nicole as a personal Coach, Counsellor, and Trainer…
— Jose L Hernandez
Having experienced a Core Transformation session with Nicole Koch and engaged in further self-inquiry using aspects of this method, I can clearly see the value and potential of this powerful intervention. This is a simple, straightforward and logical approach to resolving internal conflict and accessing deep internal wisdom. As a hypnotherapist I aim to find practical techniques to help clients resolve internal conflicts and develop increased personal insights. The Core Transformation process will definitely be central to my practise and will undoubtedly assist clients in attaining the resolution they seek.
— Carly Belzberg